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Neeske Alexander

Paula Aucamp

Nellien Brewer

Simphiwe Dlamini

Nicolette Geldenhuys

Laurel Holmes

Theresa Jo

Mandy Johnston

Jana Kolodziej

Lyrene Kuhn Botma

Nicky Liebenberg

Elzanne Louw

Kristen McClarty

Clare Menck

Mariette Momberg

Natasha Norman

Lindsay Quirk

Sharon Sampson

Christine Scheid

Marelise van Wyk

Mimi van der Merwe

Madelize van der Merwe

Madeleine van Manen

Minitza van der Walt

Judy Woodborne

Paula Aucamp (Left) Nicky Liebenberg ( R) .jpg
Alexander I'd Like To Be Under The Sea. Woodcut ..jpg

Artist: Neeske Alexander

Title: I'd like to be under the Sea

Medium: Multiple block woodcut print

Print size: 50 cm x 66 cm

Framed size: 48 x 61 cm 

Edition: 16/20


Framed: R7,550
Available unframed: R4,435

This artwork was made from my deep love for the ocean and the mystery and magic that the octopus represents.

I enjoyed the challenge of capturing the contrast of the animal's soft body and the hard coral.


Paula Aucamp If-these-walls-could-talk-I.jpg

Artist: Paula Aucamp

Title: If these walls could talk I

Medium: Cyanotype

Print size: 27 cm x 20 cm

Framed size: 45 cm x 38.5 cm

Edition 1/1



If these walls could talk I form part of a series of cyanotypes made from photographs taken while visiting the Karoo and exploring the area between Loxton and Victoria-West.

I came across these dilapidated buildings and wondered what stories these walls could tell from being built to being left abandoned and broken down.

To watch a video of Paula's process, click here. 

Nellien Brewer - Nesting I. .jpg

Artist: Nellien Brewer

Title: Nesting 1

Medium: Embossing over digital print on Hahnemuhle.

Print size: 46cm x 46cm

Framed size: 59.5 cm x 60 cm

Edition 1/1. 


Framed: R4,880
Unframed: R3,710

“I am fascinated by complexity in nature. Life exists in contrast with the laws of physics which hold that systems inevitably break down to reduced complexity. The theory of evolution contrasts with the creation story accepted by most religions, and this paradox has been my conceptual focus since 2007”

Simphiwe Dlamini - Everlasting life..jpg
Nicolette Geldenhuys Seasons.jpg

Artist:Simphiwe Dlamini

Title: Everlasting Life 

Medium: Screen print on paper.

Print size: 28 cm x 38 cm

Framed size: 32.5 cm x 42.5 cm

Edition 1/4


Available unframed. 

Framed: R2850
Available unframed - R2650

“Simphiwe Dlamini was born and raised in KwaZulu-Natal and currently resides in Johannesburg. In 2018 she exhibited at the Turbine Art Fair in a group show co-curated by Strauss and Co and Artist Proof Studio. She was selected as one of the 4 finalists for outstanding work.”


Artist: Nicolette Geldenhuys

Title: Seasons

Medium: Monotype on Fabriano with collaged collagraph and monoprints on Washi paper

Print size: 50 cm x 70 cm

Framed size: 60 cm x 80 cm

Edition 1/1



“I find my inspiration in trying to create an emotion or feeling regarding the mystical, unexplained, and Divine being present in trauma, tragedy, hope, resilience and the mundane or simple.”

Laurel Holmes The weight of 25 I.jpeg

Artist: Laurel Holmes

Title: The weight of 25 I

Medium: Monotype with handmade ink.

Print size: 20cm x 20cm

Framed size: 41.5 cm x 56 cm

Edition 1/1



"I have been interested in bringing a materiality (or even more of it into my work). One of the concepts I have been working with over the last couple of years has been fire. So making the ink from wood soot or fynbos charcoal collected from a local reserve's scheduled burn, has been a further development towards my printworks. 

The 'weight of 25' was made using a batch of ink made with 25 grams of soot". 

A reductive monotype (monotype being a once off/unique print that can't be replicated) is one where the ink is laid onto the plate by roller, card, brush and then removed by one's fingers, by cloth, card, earbud or other instrument. If ink is added back to the plate, its then also an additive printwork." 


Artist: Theresa Jo

Title: Leaving 

Medium: Etching on Fabriano

Print size: 54 cm x 76 cm 

Framed size: 98 cm x 78 cm

Edition: 1/15


Framed: R 12,500

Available unframed - R 10, 500

Price if both works taken: R 22 000

Edition 2/15 E.V (edition variable) - unframed SOLD

Unframed editions available, 3/15 E.V.

(edition variable) RESERVED

Unframed editions available, 4 /15 E.V.

(edition variable) 

20230815_215125 (1)_edited_edited.jpg

Artist: Theresa Jo

Title: Leaving I

Medium: Monoprint on Yupo paper

Print size: 54 cm x 76 cm

Framed size: 98 cm x 78 cm

Edition: 1/1


Framed: R13,500

Price if both works taken: R 22 000

This pair of artworks narrate the tale of our contemporary globe, where numerous individuals must depart from the steadiness, safety, and familiarity of their households and native lands, to gamble their lives in the face of uncertainty, disorder, and devastation.

The print titled "Leaving” depicts an etching that faithfully reproduces the matrix found on the brass plate.

Theresa Jo. LEAVING & LEAVING I (Etching and monoprint).jpg
Mandy Johnston - Composed l (002)..jpg


Artist: Mandy Johnston

Title: Composed l

Medium: Cyanotype

Print size: 38.5 cm x 48.5 cm

Framed size: 52.5  cm x 62.5 

Edition 1 of 12


Framed : R7,350

Mandy Johnston - Composed ll (002).jpg


Artist: Mandy Johnston

Title: Composed lI

Medium: Cyanotype

Print size: 38.5 cm x 48.5 cm

Framed size: 52.5 cm x 63 cm 

Edition 1/12


Framed: R7,350

"Composed, acknowledges moments and documents the rythmical push and pull between what I see and what I know to be imaginary. The passage of light keeping time, undeterred, across these constructed realities."

The medium is a toned and layered cyanotype print.

Cyanotype is a photographic printing process.

For these works I photographed the space as well as images of roots in water. I then used these(negatives and positives) to construct imagined spills of light through the existing doors and windows. I coated paper with the light sensitive emultion and toned the resulting colour layers until pleased with the results. 

Jana Kolodziej Wheatfield-1.jpg

Artist: Jana Kolodziej

Title: Wheatfield I

Medium: Linocut

Print size: 44 cm x 33 cm 

Framed size: 43.5 cm x 34 cm

Edition 5/20


Available unframed. 

Edition 6/20 unframed SOLD

Edition 8/10 unframed SOLD

Available unframed - R1500

Available editions,  9/20 & 10/20

The inspiration for Wheatfield came from looking out the window while traveling, when the mind runs freely until something outside arrests the constant flow of thoughts, drawing you into the present. And in that moment you experience a sense of peace.


Artist : Lyrene Kuhn - Botma

Title: Groundwork

Medium: Stone Lithograph

Print size: 34 cm x  50 cm 

Framed Size: 50 cm x 68 cm

Edition 2/9


Framed: R7,960

Unframed: R5,300

Lyrene Kühn-Botma is an artist and researcher working with and combining traditional printing media, drawing and digital drawing in her art practice. Her explorations on paper and digital media involve the investigation of death studies and video games to explore the new and alternative ways we grieve in contemporary, technologically driven societies.

Nicky Liebenberg The swimmer.jpeg

Artist: Nicky Liebenberg

Title: The Swimmer

Medium: Drypoint etching

Print size: 17cm x 17cm

Framed size: 37 cm x 37 cm

Edition 3/3


Framed: R4,775

Unframed: R3,180

“"Drypoint is a printmaking technique of the intaglio family, in which an image is incised into a plate (or "matrix") with a hard-pointed "needle" of sharp metal or diamond point. In principle, the method is
practically identical to engraving. The difference is in the use of tools, and that the raised ridge along the furrow is not scraped or filed away as in engraving.
Traditionally the plate was copper, but now acetate, zinc, or plexiglas are also commonly used. Like etching, drypoint is easier to master than engraving for an artist trained in drawing because the technique
of using the needle is closer to using a pencil than the engraver's burin.
I use metaphor as a means of exploring meaning. In 'The Swimmer' the human figure (man/ humankind) and water intercept and are metaphorical representations of the 'internal' and 'external' worlds and what happens where these two worlds meet. In a sense we are all immersed &'swimming' through life, navigating and finding a way through its uncertain, unclear, and often unknown routes & circumstances.
The image is an attempt to make visible the internal
struggles & dialogues that occur through the navigation of launching out into the 'waters of life' so to speak, much of my work deals with metaphysics/ the metaphysical. 

To watch a video on Nicky's process click here: 

Elzanne Lowe Cook Road Garden.jpeg

Artist: Elzanne Louw

Title: Cook Road Garden

Medium: Tetra Pak Etch.

Akua Waterbased ink on Fabriano

Print size: 35 cm x 27.5 cm

Framed size: 55 cm x 48 cm

Edition 1/1


Framed: R3,885

Elzanne's approach to printmaking is intuitive and experimental and although mainly focused on relief, she is not shy to explore and combine other printing mediums and techniques, like Intaglio, Screen-printing, Monotype, Monoprint and photographic processes like Cyanotype in her work. 

"Tetra Pak packaging is a multilayered packaging material which is great to keep milk fresh but like most other plastic laminated packaging is very difficult to recycle, and alas, a bit of a nuisance for our planet. In pursuit of redemption at least now I have discovered a worthwhile second use before it inevitably heads off to landfill. My fellow Printmaking Teacher Illana Maree taught me how to print successfully using an empty Tetra Pak milk carton in a recent teachers workshop she hosted at PJ Olivier Art Centre (I teach Printmaking at Tygerberg Art Centre to Gr 10 -12 learners). Us art teachers do that, share knowledge I mean. It is one of my favourite things about my being an art teacher, you literally learn something new every day. And well the medium spoke to me... I've etched and carved and scraped and scratched many surfaces prior to this but Tetra Pak is different. It is in many ways an easy way to etch, but it also has aspects of collagraph and monoprint.”


Elzanne, posing next to her print at Artvark Gallery.


Artist: Kristen McClarty

Title: Recording in progress

Medium: Multiple block and reduction woodblock print on handmade Japanese paper - Echizen Hanga

Edition 5/6

Print size: 45 cm x 58 cm

Framed size: 53.5  cm x 67 cm


Framed: R12,725

Unframed: R9,950


Artist: Kristen McClarty

Title: Molecular Transfer

Medium: Multiple block and reduction woodblock print on handmade Japanese paper - Echizen Hanga

Edition 2/6

Print size: 46.5 cm x 60 cm

Framed size: 53.5 cm x 67 cm


Framed: R12,725

Unframed: R9,950

 "Woodblock print is a form of relief print where the artist carves away parts of the surface of a woodblock, so that the remaining surface can be inked and the image transferred to a sheet of paper or textile, in a single or multiple layers.
The two exhibited pieces are from the same series or body of work (The Residuals) and are both multiple block and reduction woodblock prints, printed in 7 or so layers, on a handmade Japanese paper called Echizen Hanga.
These woodblocks draw on the idea that lived experience lingers in a place, recorded on rocks, droplets of water and suspended
particles in air and liquid. A residual energy, reluctant to leave, pooling in the space or mounting up as a palimpsest on the very structure of the environment. In my work, I document a lingering trace of self as I pass through tannin rich waters. A recording of existence and presence on the water molecules, floating botanical particles and the surface of the rock or branch that I brush past.
As my body drops beneath the surface, suspended fragments of the surroundings hide my very existence." 

Note also that "Recording in progress" has been selected for inclusion in the
@woolwichcontemporaryprintfair in London in October 2023, along with another of Kristen's Woodblock prints. 


Clare Menck - Nude with fur coat and reflection.jpg

Artist: Clare Menck

Title: Nude with fur coat and Reflection

Medium: Tetra Pak Etch, Akua Waterbased ink on Fabriano

Print size: 53.5 cm x 40 cm 

Framed Size: 65.5 cm x 51.5 cm



Framed: R7950

“One winter many moons ago I did an artist's residency in a historical cottage at Muratie Wine Estate (in the Winelands), and this volunteer nude model dressed up and paraded for me with a fur coat as if it were a take from yesteryear.   Much of my work is nostalgic, yet ruthlessly honest, personal and autobiographic.   I am foremost a painter but love to express myself in the painterly printmaking technique of monotype too.”

Momberg_Mariette_Ground Control .JPG

Artist: Mariette Momberg

Title: Ground control 

Medium: Reduction linocut

Print size: 34 cm x 50 cm

Framed size: 44cm x 59.5 cm 

A/P 6


Framed: R9,455

Unframed Price: R5,215

‘Ground Control’ is part of Mariëtte’s recent series of reduction linocut prints, ‘Twilight Tales’, an accumulating body of work where she imagines the extent of the climate crisis and frames it with poignant and nostalgic lyrics from her youth.

Her bold and graphic imagery are an attempt to grab the viewer’s attention and enlist their anxieties to emphasize the need of the hour.



Natasha Norman Looking-From-Below.jpg

Artist: Natasha Norman

Title: Looking from Below

Medium: Monotype

Print size: 34 cm x 49 cm

Framed size: 42 cm x 56 cm


Framed: R8,835

'Looking from Below' is influenced by looking under the ocean's face where the surface of the water can be read as sky. I am reminded that our sky is an atmospheric surface. Such surfaces reflect the ever changing impressions of forces otherwise unseen: wind, tide and current. 

Natasha's approach to art making is to slow time, to process an image through a medium that operates at a time crafted from hand-worked surfaces and materials. She is currently the only South African artist working predominantly in the Japanese relief print method, Mokuhanga. 


Lindsay Quirk - Tea with Kaffe unframed.JPG

Artist: Lindsay Quirk

Title: Tea with Kaffe

Medium: 4 plate colour etching

Print size: 22 cm x 31.5 cm

Framed size: 46.5cm x 56.5 cm

Edition 2/10


Framed: R15,000

“Lindsay Quirk was born in 1965, in Johannesburg, South Africa.

She studied Fine Art at Rhodes University Grahamstown and majored

in colour etching and Western reduction woodblock printmaking.

Currently based in Kommetjie, Cape Town, Lindsay teaches print making,

produces her own prints and works with various forms of paper

and stitchwork.”



Sharon Sampson - Intimate Conversation I.JPG

Artist: Sharon Sampson 

Title: Intimate Conversation 1

Medium: Soft ground & drypoint etching with hand colouring.

Print size: 30cm x 42 cm

Framed size: 52cm x 60cm

EV’s Edition of 7

Framed: R9,500

Unframed: R7550


“I approach my art with the objective of encapsulating light and movement. Just as life never stands still, neither should my artwork. My work explores space and the way we see and perceive our surroundings within that space. In my conceptual work I pay tribute and homage to our multifaceted relationship with nature and self and the intermingling of the two.  In recent works, I try to draw our attention to our detached relationship with nature and the biodiversity loss as a result.“




Christine Scheid - Fading flower.jpg

Artist: Christine Scheid

Title: Fading Flower 

Colour etching on painted canvas

Print Size: 35 cm x 47 cm

Framed size: 41 cm x 53 cm

Framed: R4,420

“Christine Scheid’s works are printed using deeply bitten plates that often fall apart as her experimental process develops.This results in her fairly realistic figures and/ landscapes becoming strong abstract works. In her work, she wants to show that nature around her is beautiful, fragile and easy to destroy by man”






Marelise van Wyk from-the-root-2.png

Artist: Marelise van Wyk

Title: From the Root II

Medium: Collage etching and collagraph

Print size: 59 cm x 38 cm

Framed size: 61.5 cm x 40.5 cm

Edition 1/1


Framed: R4065

Marelise van Wyk is an artist and printmaker, currently based in Simon’s Town where sheworks from her home studio.

In this work, roots from her garden after weeding and historic imagery are juxtaposed to illustrate our collective and personal pasts, linking the narratives of history, nature, and humanity in interconnected existence. Imagery from the historic cemetery are a silent reminder to the passage of time while the roots and dried algae symbolises resilience, survival, and adaptation amidst adversity, linking back to the theme of interconnectivity.

Mimi van der Merwe Street-in-Pretoria.jpg

Artist: Mimi van der Merwe

Title: Street in Pretoria

Medium: Etching

Print size: 23 cm x 32 cm

Framed size: 45 cm x 37 cm


Price framed: R4,420


“As an artist, Mimi is interested in human beings: How the body and especially the face reflects mental and spiritual attitudes, how people interact with each other and the environment. She enjoys the brightness of colour and what shapes and textures can express.”

Madelize van der Merwe - Blossom.jpg

Artist: Madelize van der Merwe

Title: Blossom

Medium: Screenprint 

Print size: 24 cm x 41 cm 

Framed size: 61.5 x 45 cm

Edition: 3/7

Available unframed. 

Edition 1/7, unframed SOLD

Available editions 4/7 5/7 & 6/7

Price framed: R 2,650

Price unframed; R 1585

Madelize van der Merwe draws inspiration from nature where she delves into the different aspects and features thereof. She explores with various print techniques, and enjoys the meditative processes behind producing an artwork. In her work ‘Blossom’ she depicts the full bloom of nature. Her interest is in capturing the light as it touches the leaves and flowers.


Madeleine van Manen Monoprint-III-15-x-20cm-ink-on-paper-2022.jpg

Artist: Madeleine van Manen

Title: Fynbos Forest  III

Medium: Monotype

Print size: 16.5 cm x 22 cm

Framed size: 26 cm x 33 cm

Edition 1/1



“She uses her personal experiences as reference and tries to recreate the atmosphere of each experience in her work, rather than focussing on the exact details. Current recurring themes include landscapes, cityscapes and domestic situations. The latter sometimes include the use of animals as a symbolic reference, carrying a message that is sometimes dark and disturbing and at other times tongue in cheek.”

FArnham Nest - South - Black  (1).jpg

Artist: Minitza van der Walt

Title: Protea Nest, South, Black.

Medium: Lino print / dry needle & charcoal drawing combined.

Print size: 32 cm x 32 cm

Framed size:48 cm x 48 cm

Edition 1/4


Framed: R4,950

“Nature possesses wondrous powers.

It inspires, gives hope, uplifts our spirits, soothes and calms, and reminds us that there is always something better.”

Judy Woodborne - Ties that Bind.jpg

Artist: Judy Woodborne

Title: The Ties That Bind

Medium: Lithograph with etching, lino printed on gauze, linocut, monoprint, collage and paper-cut with entomology pins constructed into a three-dimensional paper sculpture.

Print size: 82 cm  x 60.5 cm

Framed size: 60.5 cm x 82.5 cm

Edition 4 E.V.

2022 - 2023

Framed: R21,000

The ties that bind” is the title of this large format paper construction.

The work represents the alchemical marriage of opposites – the female figure with a miniature moon as a head, flanked by a male represented by a winged heart and a sun as a head. In traditional engravings of the “Alchemical Wedding”, the Red King represents masculine elements while the White Queen represents feminine and they stand on a sun and moon respectively. 

This print took 21 years to complete and utilised over 9 different techniques. 

20230814_112811 (2).jpg
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