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Artist's Statement.


In my printmaking practice, I enjoy working with drypoint engraving, chinne colle, monoprints, collagraphs and collage. I am also a painter and illustrator and I love experimenting with combining different media and techniques in my art making. Since moving to Kommetjie, my environment and the beauty around me, has been a wonderful new “muse” to me and has slowly crept into my work. I have certain symbols that mean something to me, but I prefer that the viewer listen for their own story and see their own message in my work. That is what makes me happy, when I see the emotion on someone’s face as a piece of art that I made speaks to them personally.

My recent body of work relies heavily on the inspiration I find in my immediate surrounds.
Especially after this year of not having the freedom of experiencing Nature, I am trying to embrace the privilege of artistic expression by taking all these elements from my natural environment, elevating them to a “mystical landscape” where positive nostalgia (a sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past), healing, joy and freedom is available.





Nicolette Geldenhuys

The Burning

Monotype, dry point and stitching

Framed with kiaat wood

57x 64cm



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