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This body of work is the result of relearning our collective national history, giving power to those whose voices we tried to silence. An exploration of displacement, our historical interwoven connection to a place and the visual reminder of Table mountain whose shadow bore witness to all the lies our history books told


Artist Bio:

Mariëtte is a self-taught artist who has been practicing full-time, living and working in the picturesque village of Kommetjie in Cape Town since 2018. Prior to 2018 she had pursued careers in Osteopathic medicine and academia. She has always been passionate in womxn’s empowerment and holds a Master’s degree in public health. During her academic career she wrote several academic research articles on various womxn’s reproductive health and rights topics.

 Her work is  influenced by womxn’s empowerment and her socio-political views and often represented from a feminist stance with a pinch of humour thrown in for good measure.

Currently her art practice centres predominantly around printmaking, which she often uses in conjunction with other mediums such as embroidery, acrylic and watercolour. She is passionate about the environment and strongly feels that creative efforts should make a conscious effort to minimise their environmental impact. For this reason she uses water-based mediums in her art making and strives to maintain a low-toxic and environmentally considerate studio.

 She has exhibited in in a number of local group exhibitions including:


‘Tulbagh Arts festival’, August 2019

‘Rise Exhibition’, 44 on Long, Cape Town, December 2019

‘Positive Escape’, The Art Room Parkhurst, Johannesburg, October 2020

‘New girls on the block’, Pretoria Arts Association, March 2021

‘At the table’, 6 Spin Street Gallery, Cape Town, April 2021

 The Printing Girls’, The Art Room Parkhurst, Johannesburg, August 2021

‘Mother nature in monotype, White River gallery, Mpumalanga, August 2021

’The Printing Girls’, SA Print Gallery, Cape Town, December 2021

KKNK Arts Festival, Oudshoorn, April, 2022


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Mariette Momberg

Denudation II

Giclee Print.

100 x 76cms.


Edition 2/20

85,5 x 72,5cms

R6 490


Mariette Momberg

Exogenic I & II Diptych.

Multiblock Linocut Print

Framed editions.

1/15 & 2/15

51 x 64cms

R7 100 


Mariette Momberg

Exogenic I & II

Multiblock Linocut Print

Unframed editions

1/15 & 2/15

40,5 x 53cms

R4 780 


Mariette Momberg

Looking Back.



Edition 1/1

50,5 x 41cms

R2 620



Mariette Momberg

African Alphabet

Limited Edition Linocut print.


Edition 33 of 50

42 x 30cm