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CP Wessels, previously a filmmaker and architect with a passion for art and creative design, has forged a formidable career in the design and production of unique custom sculptural steelwork pieces.  CP’s steelworks, which include wall mountable panels, burglar bars, balustrades and security gates, which offer functionality as well as being beautiful focal features created with impressive detail. A particularly captivating quality of his steelworks is that they are designed to work with the transitioning of natural light throughout the day, casting shifting silhouettes onto the wall upon which they are mounted.

Now based in Cape Town, CP is the co-founder and co-owner of Artvark Gallery in Kalkbay which opened in 1998, where his steelworks are permanently on show and are available for purchase or order in a variety of designs and finishes tailored to the client’s needs.

CP’s striking designs are inspired by a deep fascination with the beauty of the natural landscape of the Cape Mountains, especially with the shapes of the Fynbos and other hardy perennial flora that is found there.

Many of the designs which comprise his body of work, such as ‘Common Ground’ were derived from the impact of the devastation of Cape Fires of 2015 had upon the familiar landscape, rendering it stark and scorched, yet not without a beauty of its own which like the medium of steel, is resilient and is able to retain its integral beauty over time.

Many Capetonians will recognize CP’s work, co-created with Theresa Jo Wessels, as forming part of the permanent public art installations at The Greenpoint Stadium A Track, and Knightsbridge, Century City. 

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ARTVARK’s steelworks are designed and manufactured by the co-owner of Artvark, CP Wessels. These pieces are unique, custom and exclusive. They deliver on functionality whilst still being decorative art pieces in their own right. The Steelworks range consists of range of sculptural wall panels, security gates and balustrading. 


The designs of ARTVARK’s steel range and works were born from the inspiration and fascination with nature’s poetry which is portrayed in a creative and elegant manner to meet the style requirements of our clients. These steelworks are suitable for either indoors or outdoors, as the medium of steel prides itself as an exceptional design feature within a space.


All available designs can be adapted to fit any space or function; gates, balustrades, burglar bars, decorative wall/ floor panels, 2D and 3D sculptures.


Finishes can be applied as required.


To request a quotation on custom steelworks -


Please browse through the catalogs available on the website, and contact us by clicking the option to ‘receive a quote’ on the design selected.

To view examples of our security gates, burglar bars, and balustrading, please click here.


Provide us with the size you have in mind and type of finish. 


Any inquiries or orders can be sent through to us using our online service, email us at, or giving us the traditional call on (021) 788 5584.

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