Christine was born into an artistic family on August Bresgen in Munich, Germany. She studied art at the "Meisterschule fuer Mode" in Munich, Germany and "Arteneum" in Helsinki, Finland. Christine started an art school for adults in children in Munich and Hamburg and has travelled the world extensively.


Christine Scheid’s works are printed using deeply bitten plates that often fall apart as her experimental process develops.

This results in her fairly realistic figures and/ landscapes becoming

strong abstract works. In her work, she wants to show that “ nature around her is beautiful, fragile and easy to destroy by man”


1940:  Born into the artist family August Bresgen in Munich

1962:  Diploma of Graphic Art at the “Meisterschule fuer Mode” in Munich

1962-64: Studies at the Art school “Arteneum” Helsinki-Finland

1962-68 :  Living in Cologne-Germany, excursions to Turkey, Greece, Portugal, Spain and England

1968-73: Living in Cape Town South Africa, excursions to Namibia and Lesotho.

Touring the world in a Van, Boat, Train and Plane.

1969:   Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, India, Nepal, Singapore,Malaysia,Thailand,Hong Kong, Japan, Russia, Finland, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Austria and Germany.


1975-76: Living in Annaba-Algeria, excursions to the Sahara M’Zab, Atlas Mountains and Tunisia.

1977-80: Living in Munich, Germany, starting an art school for adults and children, excursions to Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Syria       1980-96:  Living in Hamburg, Germany leading own art school, excursions to Italy, Morocco, Malta, Greece, Egypt, South Africa and California, USA.

1996: Moved to Simon’s Town, South Africa with sailing catamaran “Tina Alia” travelling through Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Rumania, Turkey, Cyprus, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Sudan and Eritrea.


20210110_151341 (1).jpg
53cmx30cm ccs65.jpg

Monoprint. 53cm x 30cm. R 3 450

Nude. Monoprint. 51.5cm x 15cm. R 2 170

57x48cm ccs51.jpg

Sun Dance Monoprint. 57cm x 48cm. R 1 805

45x35cm cc55.jpg

Orange 2. Monoprint. 45cm x 35cm. R 1265

40cmx28cm ccs57.jpg

Red Nude. Etching. 40cm x 28cm. R 1 625

58cmx21cm ccs59.jpg

Nude. Etching. 58cm x 21cm. R 1 265

ccs22 45cmx35cm.jpg

Orange IV. monoprint. 20,5 x 31cm. R1265

65cmx 30cm ccs25.jpg

Orange I. monoprint. 20,5 x 31cm. R1265

ccs4 35x45.jpg

Orange II. monoprint. 20,5 x 31cm. R1265

ccs19 45cmx35cm.jpg

Orange III. monoprint. 20,5 x 31cm. R1265