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Shelley Maisel is a highly acclaimed South African ceramicist who has exhibited extensively throughout the Country.

The materials, shapes and decorations of Shelley's work not only portray her interests but also reveal subliminal influences. The colour and texture of the clay, the hand-painted edges, circles and bead-like decorations, as well as inlaid metal pieces, embody the artistic expression of primitive cultures.


"My inspiration is drawn from many sources. I have always been drawn to and influenced by African, Aboriginal, Pre-Colombian, Oceanic, American Indian and South American art. I find their use of colour, intricate design, symbols and elements of nature, both beautiful and fascinating. In turn I express my love for clay and colour through my work, using many elements of nature as inspiration."


Shelley also forms her vessels by using the same clay hand-building techniques favoured by these cultures, namely coiling and pinching. In the coiling method, pieces of clay are rolled into long, thin ropes. These ropes are joined together during the assembly process, with the aid of slip (a clay and water mixture) painted onto the upper edges of the coils. The pinch method is the simplest clay hand-building technique, involving only the use of hands to wedge a ball of clay and mould it into the required shape.

To see Shelley at work in her studio click here.

Available works:

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Grey Droplet vases. Approx 25 x 18 cm 


Large cinnamon vases. 35 x 16 cm. R3900 each

WhatsApp Image 2024-01-07 at 16.09_edite

Ceramic Vessels of Various sizes R3200 each


Large white teardrop shaped vase. 37 x 20 cm. R3360 SOLD

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Colourful Bowls [LEFT TO RIGHT]

Medium Single-layer colourful bowl. 9 x 13 cm. R720 (multiple available) SOLD

Tall Double-layer colourful vase. 19 x 18 cm. R2300 (2 available) SOLD

Medium double-layer colourful bowl. 10 x 14 cm. R1210 (multiple available) SOLD

Small single-layer colourful bowl. 7 x 11 cm. R530 (multiple available) SOLD

Rough edge colourful bowl. R16 x 12 cm. R800  SOLD

Shelley 3.jpeg

LEFT: Colourful bowl. 19 x 12 cm. R1510 SOLD

RIGHT: Tall colourful vase. 18 x 15 cm. R1945 SOLD

Shelley 4.jpeg

Black and White Orchid vases. 17 x 17 cm. R1500 each

( Far right - SOLD ) 

Shelley 5.jpeg

Tall Black and White angular vase. 33 x 16 cm. R3900

Shelley 7.jpeg

Large Black and White conical vases. 22 x 24 cm. R3250 each

Shelley 8.jpeg

Medium Black and white bowl. 23 x 12 cm. R1510

Shelley 9.jpeg

Wide Black and white bowl. 27 x 13 cm. R1800

Shelley 11.jpeg

Tall Black vase with a wide rim. 36 x 14 cm. R3200  

Shelley 12.jpeg

Large Black and white vessel. 28 x 22 cm. R3000

Shelley 10.jpeg

Rough-edged white, green, and red-dotted vessel. 

Shelley 13.jpeg

White vase with wide-rim. 13 x 35 cm. R3360


Left: Tall white striped vase with handles, 31 x 17cm, R1620  SOLD

Middle: Tall black striped vase with handles, 34 x 17cm, R1620 SOLD 

Right: Tall white striped vase with handles, 33 x 14cm, R1620 SOLD


Large Vessel Ceramic 14 x 14 cm R4 600 

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