Obtuse creates challenging and playful pieces, which function as adornment and interactive objects. Obtuse is owned by Lynne Avis, a Fine Art and Jewellery Design graduate. Lynne creates and produces each individual piece herself. This allows her complete freedom of design, in which her clients find a similar expression of self. Obtuse’s style appeals to those who are interested in quirky and ‘fringe’ fashion and accessories.

Lynne’s wide background of art study enables her to approach jewellery a little differently; creating work with conceptual narratives and designing from a broader range of creative knowledge.

Obtuse plays with expanding definitions of contemporary jewellery whilst retaining functionality. Her collections each contain small deviations from the norm, adding an element of adventure and daring.




Silver and gold 'disc and dot' earrings. R415.

Silver and gold dome shaped studs.  R415.

Silver and gold Dancing Disc earrings.  R415.