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Nora Kovats pendent
Nora Kovats brooch
Nora Kovats
Nora Kovats Pendent
Nora Kovats earings
Nora Kovats earings
Nora Kovats earings


Nora Kovats finished her undergraduate studies in Jewellery Design at the University of Stellenbosch in 2013. Her ‘Mermaid Egg’ concept secured her the first prize at the 2013 Thuthuka Jewellery Design Competition. Since then, she has participated in several group exhibitions and is currently studying towards a Masters degree in Visual Arts. Her work is permanently exhibited at Hombisa, a contemporary jewellery gallery situated in Stellenbosch’s historical centre.


Nora’s work reflects the world through the lens of her imagination. It speaks of an enchanted inner space, dark and light, melancholy and vibrant, with daring lines and fascinating detail. Above all, Nora enjoys enamelling as jewellery making technique, both due to its vibrancy and the element of chance and uniqueness dictated by the firing process. Every piece is created with great care and attention to detail.



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