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necklace   pebbles, Nature's Valley
Bangle   pebble, Nature's Valley
Stack rings pebbles
Ring  pebble from Nature's Valley WC
Turquoise Ring
Turquoise Earings
Ring stone from the Lowveld


Artist statement:

I see myself as an artist – a painter and a maker of jewellery, who also plays with a camera. there is nothing pedantic about my work – no messages, no doctrines, no philosophies. as an artist, I see myself as an observer. the subject matter of my work does not intend to convey any deeper meaning – it is important mainly as an accidental part of my observation of my reality of the world around me which filters through me in order to trigger the important, interesting and intricate process of creating a work of art – the conversation between the medium, the subject matter and the objects depicted on the canvas. as a creator of the work I never dictate the outcome thereof – it is simply a process between myself as the observer and the artwork.

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I describe myself as a “naturalist”- if such a word exists in the world of jewellery. I also see myself as an artist making jewellery, rather than a jeweller.

The boundaries between art and jewellery are transcended in my works, which revolve around natural elements – bones, stones, wood, pressed flowers, animal droppings. the work can be described as conceptual and contemporary. the pieces are approached in the same way as my painting – unplanned, intuitive, allowing the elements to dictate the design. these elements are combined with sterling silver and semi-precious stones.

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