Zulu-beer by Fanuel David Moiane
Fanuel David Moiane


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Fanuel David Moiane was born on the 8th of January 1990 in Maputo Mozambique.

He tentatively began his artistic career in 2005 as an artist’s apprentice in his spare time.

In 2008 Fanuel visited his brother Isaac Sithole in Durban. Fanuel was so impressed with his brother’s artwork that he began to seriously embark on his own artistic career.

Fanuel was raised in a family with an artistic background. His talent was to some extent inherited from his now famous deceased brother Isaac Sithole, and with the influence of other artists working at the BAT center.

Fanuel is currently working with colour reduction woodcut techniques taught by his brother. Fanuel’s works portray a bold vision of life where a communion between men, animals and plants is found.