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“Tetra Pak packaging is a multilayered packaging material which is great to
keep milk fresh but like most other plastic laminated packaging is very difficult
to recycle, and alas, a bit of a nuisance for our planet. In pursuit of redemption
at least now I have discovered a worthwhile second use before it inevitably heads off to landfill.

My fellow Printmaking Teacher Illana Maree taught me
how to print successfully using an empty Tetra Pak milk carton in a recent
teachers workshop she hosted at PJ Olivier Art Centre (I teach Printmaking at
Tygerberg Art Centre to Gr 10 -12 learners). Us art teachers do that, share
knowledge I mean. It is one of my favourite things about my being an art teacher, you literally learn something new every day. And well the medium
spoke to me... I've etched and carved and scraped and scratched many surfaces prior to this but Tetra Pak is different. It is in many ways an easy way
to etch, but it also has aspects of collagraph and monoprint.”


Elzanne Lowe -  Cook Road Garden

Elzanne Louw
CookRoad Garden
Medium: Tetra
Pak Etch.
Akua Waterbased ink on Fabriano
Print size: 35 cm x 27.5 cm
Framed size: 55 cm x 48 cm
Edition 1 / 1.

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