‘I love simplicity, clean lines, detail, and definition. Mood is an integral part of my message achieved through strong tonal contrasts in light and shade.’


Ackerman completed her BA (Fine Arts) & Honours by 1973 at Rhodes University with her major being painting. She is proud to state that she studied under Prof Brian Bradshaw, Prof Rob Brooks, Tom Mathews, Joss Nel and Neil Rodgers. Sh is a painter and printmaker.

Over the years Ackerman has travelled and lived in various places in South Africa including Mpumalanga, Southern KwaZulu-Natal and currently Somerset West. It is places in these provinces and areas that is seldom the subject of her work.

Being famous for her paintings and etchings, Ackerman recently explored more printmaking techniques and her work now includes reduction woodcut prints as well.


Ackerman did the book illustrations for A Gift for Madiba by Evelyn Benatar (the proceeds of this book goes to the Desmond Tutu's Children with Aids association). During April and May 2008 she was a resident at the Cite International des Arts in Paris.


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Discount only applicable on the two Tree woodcut prints

Vincent. Size: 18 x 15 cm. Media: Etching. ed 66/100
Price: R 2170

Walking Milkwood. Size: 15 x 19.5 Media: Etching. Edition 20/75.

Towering Over Ruin. Intaglio etching hardground aquatint. Ed 18/75. 26m x 39.5cm. R1935

Mopane Baobab. Size: 20 x 15 cm Media: Intaglio etching hardground aquatint Edition 63/150. R1625

Rietbron Home. Size: 15cm x 10cm Media: Intaglio etching hardground aquatint. Edition 13/75. R1535

Arboretum Arderne Gardens. Size: 20 x 14 cm
Media: Etching. edition 12/75.

The Dogs I Met Out Walking 3. Size: 14.5 x 10 cm
Media: Etching. Edition 12/150
Price: R 795

Karoo Farm House 5/30. Size: 30 x 21cm. Media: Linocut
Price: R 2 166

The Windmill. Size: 6 x 14.5 cm Media: Intaglio etching hardground aquatint. edition 28/75.

Shadows in the Water, Medici Pond. Size: 15 x 19,5 cm Media: Etching. Edition 21/75.

We are stardust. Edition 14 of 50. Handpainted linocut. 25cm x 35cm.  R2170

Reflecting. Edition 11 of 50. Handpainted linocut. 25cm x 35cm. R1770

Wrapped in Klimt. edition 10 of 50. Hand painted Linocut. 33cm x 35cm. R2530

Over the moon with Chagall. Edition 13of 50. Hand painted linocut. 35cm x 25cm. R2170

Manet. Edition 10 of 50. Hand painted linocut. 25cm x 35cm. R1985

 Half Time 10/50 Size: 35 x 25 cm Media: Hand coloured linocut
Price: R 1985 

Manet’s Fifer. Handpainted linocut – collaboration with Paul. Ed 4/50. 35cm x 25cm. R850

Eatable? Handpainted linocut – collaboration with Paul. Ed 10/50. 35cm x 25cm. R1445

Home. Handpainted linocut – collaboration with Paul. Ed 9/50. 33cm x 35cm. R2530

Visiting Gauguin. Handpainted linocut – collaboration with Simon. Ed 7/50. 25cm x 35cm. R2170

Who is Guilty? Handpainted linocut. Ed 9/50. 35cm x 25cm. R2170

Domesticated Dürer. Linocut. Ed 9/50. 35cm x 25cm. R1770

Hunting in a Henry Rousseau Jungle. Hand Painted linocut. Ed 9/50. 35cm x 25cm. R2170

Tigger. Hand Painted linocut. Ed 12/50. 35cm x 25cm. R2170

The Owl. Hand Painted linocut. Ed 16/50. 25cm x 35cm. R2170

Nguni II 27/150 Size: 15 x 20 cm Media: Intaglio etching hardground aquatint R1770

Winter Trees. Ed 5/30 Size: 33 x 33.5 cm Media: Woodcut. R1935

Oom Piet Nathan. Etching. Edition 13of 50. 10 x 7.5 cm. R1010

Umbrella Thorn. Woodcut. Edition 5/80. 70cm x 50cm. R3975

Owl. Linocut. Ed 14/50. 25cm x 35cm. R905

Bouquet. Hand Painted Linocut. Ed 13/50. 25cm x 35cm. R2170

Vondeling Station. Intaglio etching hardground aquatint. Ed 32/75. 35.5cm x 26cm. R1520

Rosalina. Intaglio etching hardground aquatint. Ed 21/75. 26m x 35.5cm. R1635

Karoo Hotel. Intaglio etching hardground aquatint. Ed 15/75. 35.5m x 27cm. R1010

Victorian House Near Wellington. Intaglio etching hardground aquatint. Ed 18/75. 35.5m x 27cm. R1520

Karoo Huisie (2). Intaglio etching hardground aquatint. Ed 37/75. 26m x 19.5cm. R1030

Mount Stewart Church. Intaglio etching hardground aquatint. Ed 36/75. 39.5m x 26cm. R1625

Old Barn, Biedou Valley. Intaglio etching hardground aquatint. Ed 23/75. 35.5m x 26cm. R1520

Sculptured Relief. Intaglio etching hardground aquatint. Ed 18/75. 35.5m x 26cm. R1520

Baobab (2) Sagole. Intaglio etching hardground aquatint. Ed 65/150 39.5m x 26cm. R1625

Three Eucalyptus Trees. Intaglio etching hardground aquatint. Ed 30/75 35.5cm x 26cm.. R1660

Baobab Woodcut – collaboration with Simon. Ed 5/50 70cm x 50cm. R3970

Sunday Afternoon. Reduction Woodcut. Ed 16/20 35cm x 50cm.. R2440

Seekoegat Hotel. Reduction Woodcut. Ed 9/16 34.5cm x 39cm.. R2980

Peter's Rabbit. Woodcut. Ed 8/50 25cm x 35cm.. R1175

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