CROSSPOLYNATIONS  is a Cape Town-based hand weaving studio, specialising in crafting one-of-a-kind and small-batch functional art textiles. They create cloth with a story, uniquely woven by hand in celebration of traditional craft and natural, local fibers.

Leila is the founder and weaver behind Crosspolynations, a brand under which luxury hand woven textiles for the body & home are crafted.  The central ethos of the brand is hand crafted 'functional art' textiles using locally sourced, natural fibres and the practice of traditional handweaving which aims to celebrate the ancient legacy & forms of the craft while focusing on simplicity to create textiles with a light, natural, contemporary style. 


The  primary products are 100% handwoven cotton blankets, throws & 'multipurpose' towel / scarf / throws which are one of a kind 'hanging textile art' pieces.


All products are woven by hand in her studio in Muizenberg and as far as possible hand stitched & finished too. The focus on using as local, natural and sustainable fibres as possible, using cotton which is grown & spun in Mpumalanga and dyed by hand using environmentally friendly practices in Cape Town. The wool and wool x silk blend used in the scarves is sourced from local mills.


'From Cone To Cloth' - Watch how these beautiful textiles are made. 

Crosspolynations products are pre-washed, and washable by hand. Gentle, cold water wash with natural detergent reccommended. 


20220605_152004 (1).jpg

Ground VIII

Original Hand woven, Hand-spun Handstitched, Cotton, Wool, Hand-spun Mohair throw.

188 x 93cm

R3 800


King Spine Blanket, Patina.

Hand woven, Handstitched, Cotton blanket.

230 x 225cm


The Spine Blanket is a double width, handwoven and hand stitched cotton blanket.

Woven using 100% Natural, local, South African cotton which is hand dyed using environmentally considerate practices in Cape Town.

The blanket is woven in two panels which are then stitched by hand, forming a featured spine down the centre of the blanket.
This blanket pays homage to the ancient practice of hand stitching panels of handwoven cloth. In pre industrial looms, like the one we use, the width of a cloth is restricted by the arm span of the weaver. These individual panels are then stitched together to create a textile large enough to serve the user.

Our spine blanket comes in a couple different sizes, developed to provide ultimate comfort. It is the perfect bedfellow for hot summer nights, or an additional layer in the depths of winter.


Ground X

Original handwoven  textile Art.

Cotton, Mohair, Merino Silk blend, Handspun Wool, Handspun Mohair.

100 x 151cm



20220501_153517 (1).jpg

Ground V

Original handwoven  textile Art.

Cotton, Mohair, Merino Silk blend, Handspun Wool, Handspun Mohair.

95 x 165cms





Shelter Scarf.

Chevron 4

Natural Cotton & Merino wool.

75 x 230cm



This collection is handwoven using a fine cotton warp with lace weight merino wool or merino, mulberry silk blend weft. The collection features the ancient traditional twill weave, which is used to gain a luxurious and fluid drape or handle. The collection includes a classic herringbone design as well as a much broader chevron design with a featured centre warp thread which visually pays reference to the tradition of strip weaving. Some pieces feature special inlaid yarns, varying from hand spun mohair to natural alpaca yarn.

The Shelter scarf was developed to be wide enough to serve as a scarf, wrap or shawl and long enough to go around several times. A comfort around the neck, over the shoulders or wrapped up around the ears to shelter from the elements.

20220418_170420 (1).jpg

Shelter Scarf.

Herringbone 4

Natural Cotton & Merino wool.

75 x 230cm