Artist Statement:


My favourite subject is everyday life

The ability to draw and paint feels like a gift to me.  Since my art teacher invited me to take art at high school, right up until now, it is as if I have an unmerited present which I have not yet finished opening or unpacking.  Not to say that I am “gifted” but that I have something that I love so much and am so grateful for.


Although I did well in art at school, I did not paint or draw until 15 years later when an uncomfortable pregnancy kept me awake for long hours at night.  A friend of mine gave me a box of pastels and my love for painting was rekindled in the small hours of the morning.


Eventually I moved into oils and the real love affair began. I enjoy everything about oil painting. The colours available, its expressive quality, its forgiving nature, even the smell!


I have had excellent teaching from a number of local artists and then earlier this year with British artist and teacher, Emily Ball. 

I paint a wide range of topics but if I were to choose a favourite subject I would say that it is ‘every-day-life’.  I love to cook and am often torn between cooking the items put out on the counter, and painting them!  Similarly, I am captivated by the bodies I see busy in day-to-day things, all around me: in the car park, on the street, at children’s sports activities, on the beach, and at the supermarket.  Living in Cape Town offers a great variety of beautiful topics and I have to remember that I have years of painting ahead, hopefully I will get to paint many of them.


Untitled Dale Brooke Pool, Kalk Bay. Oil on canvas. 41cm x 30.5 cm. R3250

Untitled Dale Brooke Pool, Kalk Bay. Oil on canvas. 60cm  x 40cm. R4200

Dalebrook portrait Bright water - Oil on Canvas - 60cm x 40cm R4200

Charcoal and pen on paper drawings

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