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Artist Statement:


My favourite subject is everyday life

The ability to draw and paint feels like a gift to me.  Since my art teacher invited me to take art at high school, right up until now, it is as if I have an unmerited present which I have not yet finished opening or unpacking.  Not to say that I am “gifted” but that I have something that I love so much and am so grateful for.


Although I did well in art at school, I did not paint or draw until 15 years later when an uncomfortable pregnancy kept me awake for long hours at night.  A friend of mine gave me a box of pastels and my love for painting was rekindled in the small hours of the morning.


Eventually I moved into oils and the real love affair began. I enjoy everything about oil painting. The colours available, its expressive quality, its forgiving nature, even the smell!


I have had excellent teaching from a number of local artists and then earlier this year with British artist and teacher, Emily Ball. 

The Story behind the ‘Back to the Beach’ Paintings.

This mini-series ‘Back to the Beach’ was painted in early in 2021. Itwas so good to be allowed back onto our beautiful local beaches, andswim in the tidal pools again after the months of lockdown. Iappreciated the surrounding natural beauty, and noticed thesweetness in the connections between people, as if for the first
time. I found myself back there more often than ever before, andwas delighted to meet a friend there, in person. It was such a gift.
To capture these moments, I started sketching and painting on thebeach, resulting in the paintings: Dalebrook Connect, Dalebrook
Days, and St James Bright Blue.


Charcoal and pen on paper drawings

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