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Artists Statement:

I believe that the differentiation between fine art and commercial art is that with fine art one paints a subject not because it will make a pretty or a saleable picture, but because one is compelled to make that image. I am drawn to a subject over and over in a search of some form of inner realization, meaning, truth or understanding.  At first one may not even be consciously aware of why a certain subject compels you or draws you to it; I often find that only after a while will I realize that I have been working on a series of images, drawn to the same subjects over and over. Over a period of time, a series can also take on new meanings and slowly transform into a different body of work as a compulsion is worked through or that which was subterranean, through the action of repeated exploration; is mined and drawn to the surface. Once that occurs, the meaning may transform or I am set free to begin exploring a different set of experiences.


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transkei reflections small.jpg

Transkei Reflections 1
Medium: Oil on canvas
Price: R6420

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