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Paula Church lives in Constantia, Cape Town. Her childhood was spent in the KwaZulu-Natal midlands, surrounded by the natural backdrop of the majestic Drakensberg Mountains, rivers and hills of the area.

Paula discovered her artistic ability at a young age thanks to her artistic father who encouraged her to draw and taught her the art of mixing colour. She attended St Anne’s Diocesan school and studied art under Mrs Ellen Nel who inspired her immensely.

Her artistic talent lay fairly dormant during a career in nursing and full-time motherhood, and it was only later that she began to explore her passion for painting.

She acknowledges with gratitude the guidance and encouragement of Margie Johnson who helped her realise her potential.

Working mainly in oils, Paula’s work has evolved over the years towards a more contemporary, abstract representation which expresses her response to her subject matter, rather than an exact representation of what she sees. She captures her surroundings on large canvases depicting the mood and emotion of her subject.

Living in South Africa, Paula draws inspiration from her immediate surrounds, the gentle slopes of Table Mountain and its flora, the Overberg, the Karoo and the dramatic Western and Eastern Cape coastline.

As she works on a painting she allows the moment to dictate: the paint is allowed to move and react with fluidity and gravity has its way while she gently manipulates her subject matter towards the mood and expression she experiences.

Paula has a passion for interiors and believes that no living space is complete without, leather, wood, fresh leaves and flowers and an original artwork.

Paula has held numerous informal exhibitions and her work has been sold to collectors in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Sydney, Los Angeles and London.



My Africa. Oil on canvas. 100 x 80cms. R26 150

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