Thabang Lehobye, is a visual artist experimenting with various stopmotion animations techniques using acrylics and charcoal. He started his formal art practice at The Artists Proof Studio, were his love for Joburg as subject in his works started. He then Graduated with a National Diploma in Fine Arts from University of Johannesburg and Studied Multimedia at Vega. Thabang has been part of various collaborative exhibitions including a Professional Development Program at Artspace Gallery with Prof. Kim Berman and After Hours (Norway)

In the series "Vanishing Points" Thabang Lehobye explores life in inner city Johannesburg.


'Vanishing Points' is part of an ongoing series exploring Joburg inner inhabitants and the city itself as subject.
The idea of a physical space being passed over different generations of migrants, almost like the Hillbrow Tower
being past as a baton, this itself speaks of the diversity which makes Joburg such a unique place. A constant architectural cityscape frozen in time and its ever-changing migrant population.

I attempt to captured the brightness of day by using contrasting hues to emphasize the sunny-ness of day one
would find on a typical Joburg summer day. The low angle perspective approach is meant to almost lure the viewer
in, to walk the streets. This is further emphasized by scale going even bigger, double in size from “Seeing the light”
(previous series).

This series intends to challenge the viewer to step in further. The composition is open, a portal into the city
itself. Joburg has a sense of magnetism, it lures you in. People vanish, get lost and find themselves. Sometimes
they don’t. The work invites you in, you step in. You become part of the subject. 

Link to Artist's Full CV here.

To watch an interview with the artist exploring this series, click here.


'Vanishing Points'

20210205_150418 (1).jpg

The Lady in Medallion / Long Walk. 

Acrylic on canvas.

105cm x 140cms

R45 000


Moon / Changing Seasons.

Acrylic on board. (Framed)

112 cm x 81cms

R 26 875


Summer Storms on the Highveld.

Acrylic on board. (Framed)

112 cm x 81cms

R 26 875


Looking Up The Jewel.

Acrylic on board (Framed) 

112cm x 81cms

R26 875

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