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Soo Piercy is a Zimbabwean based artist.

"They say one's ancestors pave the way, whether by genes or tradition. Soo Piercy's heritage was conceived of an old relative Robert Seymour, illustrator to Charles Dickens and his Pick Wick Papers.

Soo was born in Zimbabwe. She painted instinctively from an early age, her parents encouraging her natural talent. A degree from Cape Town University in Marine Ecology balanced her artistic passion. Her career varied from Marine Archeometry, teaching, margarine production, marine diamond excavation, the family’s Air Charter business and art.

Soo sailed the East African coast from Mozambique to Suez, visited Yemen and Socotra, climbed Kilimanjaro, and explored the Sahara, the Himalayas, and the Mogul Mosques in Pakistan.

Inspiration for her bold palette comes from her adventurous spirit, and passion to travel to these remote places to witness ancient cultures, the diversity of colour, landscapes, and architecture. She documented her travels in paint with a loose, vibrant, spontaneous style drawn from a keenly observant eye. 

Her chosen mixed media is close to hand, acrylics, pigments, collage and pastels, applied by any means from brush to palette knife…creating explosions of colour on sized heavyweight brown card designed to withstand the harsh African light. 

Her studio walls are scribbled with quotes, covered by cutouts; books line the shelves, collections of fossils, grinding stones, bones and shells to feed the imagination.

Soo‘s passions include collecting ancient beads, herbal remedies, honey, and orchids.

Soo’s only child is currently studying graphic design at Central St Martins in London."



Flower power mixed media on paper.59cm x 79cm. R6500. SOLD

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