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In 1987 Nico’s passion for pottery started with an apprenticeship with master potter Brian Haden. He continued his career at Canosa pottery in Paarl and went on to establish Nico Liebenberg Pottery in 1990. 

Known as a prolific potter, Nico produces an extensive range of decorative and functional ceramics – porcelain and stoneware, as well as Raku pieces. 

These range from tea bowls, sushi plates oven dishes and bowls to large vessels, like chimney pots and 200 litre sized wine jars. 

Each uniquely hand-crafted piece carries the potter’s distinct and renowned style and signature. Nico uses fuel firing kilns and sources most of the raw materials locally. The high-temperature glazes are mostly traditional Oriental glazes.  A variety of glazes – from the cool green tones of the Celadons to fiery warm Copper Reds, to brownish-black Temmokus, smoky blue Chuns and olive shades of vine ash. Firings are done under a reduction atmosphere. He uses LP Gas for porcelain and Paraffin for the stoneware. 

Nico’s work can be viewed at several exhibitions, galleries and retail outlets around South Africa and internationally.


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