Mphathi Livingstone Gocini is a visual artist based in Cape Town. He is a printmaker and painter. Several works by the artist have been sold at auction, including 'DANCING TO THE BEAT OF AFRICAN MUSIC' sold at Stephan Welz & Co., Cape Town 'Fine Art & Collectibles' in 2014.


Old Man. Oil on board. 18cm x 18cm. R1075

Way back home. Oil on board. 18cm x 18cm. R1075

Makhoti, newly wed. Oil on canvas. 30cm x 30cm. R5375

Changing Africa. Oil on board. 18cm x 18cm. R1075

Untitled. Oil on board. 18cm x 18cm. R1075

 Untitled. Oil on canvas. 31cm x 28.5cm. R3225

Philani. Linocut. Edition 1/50.  47cm x 42cm. R1935

Three Figure. Linocut. Edition 6/40.  47cm x 32cm. R1075

Mother and Child. Linocut. Edition of 40.  41cm x 23.5cm. R970

Untitled Portrait. Linocut. Edition 19/40.  16cm x 15cm. R645

Way back home Linocut. Edition 1/30.  27cm x 18.5cm. R645

Living the shade of dreams. Linocut. Edition 1/30.  29cm x 26cm. R1290

Untitled Portrait. Linocut. Edition 3/40.  26cm x 18cm. R860

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