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Mien Greyling is an artist from the Garden Route.

Her preferred medium is oil paint.  The tactility and sensual quality of the paint are important elements of her process. She approaches her work with boldness and passion. Her paintings are full of colour, light and energy. She prefers to keep her paintings suggestive rather than refining them to a polished state.

The Karoo landscape with its wide open spaces and stark but magnificent scenery where she grew up, and lived for a major part of her life, continues to find expression in her work. Walking forms an integral part of her observation and gathering of material for future paintings. “By walking, you become an active participant with your environment. It connects body and mind with nature”, she says.

Back in the studio, the process of putting paint on canvas becomes a re-enactment of walking through the landscape.

The painting is developed over time by scraping off, scratching out and drawing into the painted surface until all problem areas are resolved, and the artwork reaches it’s conclusion.

Mien has had three solo exhibitions, and has participated in numerous group shows. Her work is in private collections locally and abroad.


Big Divide_edited.jpg

Mien Greyling

Between the Big Divide

Oil on wood

62.5 x 62.5 cm


R14 200


Mien Greyling


Oil on wood

52.5 x 52.5 cm


R9 500

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