Marinda du Toit is a South African artist based in Pretoria.

She is known for her ‘junk’ sculptures that she fashions out of recycled materials, while also featuring her sculptures in video installations. Du Toit often works with fellow artists Diek Grobler and Charles Badenhorst to create short animation films. 

Marinda du Toit completed a Bachelor of Arts with Music as a subject at the University of Pretoria.


2007 - Merit Award for “Little Bang”, Ekurhuleni Arts Competition
“Little Bang” Nomination for SAFTA’s Best Short Film


Smile and Wave. 16cm x 6cm.  R1760

Poproep Meneer Kok. Found Objects sculpture. 28cms x 10cms..  R4400

Borselkoppie.. Found Objects sculpture. 42cms x 13cms. R4400

'Totems' Found Objects sculpture. 22cms x 7cms.  R1585

'Totems' Found Objects sculpture. R1585

'Totems' Found Objects sculpture. R1585

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