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'Rest Stop Trees II'  by Margie Taswell-
Still Standing by Margie Taswell-Yates.j
Manuela's Forest by Margie Taswell-Yates
'Mountain Trees' by Margie Taswell-Yates
'Riverside Trees' by Margie Taswell-Yate

Margie Taswell-Yates does small, detailed work based on her observation of the landscape before her, the effect of the elements on man-made structures, and the feeling of isolation that can be produced by the lack of nature in cities. Being primarily a painter she loves aquatint and uses it in most of her etchings for both its tonal and mood-making qualities.





Manuela's Forest by Margie Taswell-Yates

Manuela's Forest by Margie Taswell-Yates. Etching
Unframed:  R1055 

Rest Stop Trees by Margie Taswell-Yates.

Rest Stop. Etching

Framed R1785 
Unframed: R1420.

'Riverside Trees' by Margie Taswell-Yate

Riverside Trees 14/20. Etching

Framed: R1830


Playful Cat. Etching

Framed: R1,765


Milo Scratching. Etching

Framed: R1,720

Unframed: R1,000


Mountain Trees. Etching

Framed: R2,365

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