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Louis de Villiers (b. 1987) is a visual artist and muralist who employs vigorous mark-making and a limited palette of black, white and gold to explore a range of themes related to modern life. Among these are the human condition, vices, mortality, connection vs. disconnection, as well as “internet culture and the ever changing eccentricities of current societal interactions”. Simultaneously sardonic and celebratory, melancholic and humorous, his work snapshots the complex cultural codes that dominate our social, consumerist landscape – where brands and personal style are positioned to communicate philosophical affiliation and social status, all the while inadvertently exposing socio-political truths.

From 2006-2017 De Villiers attracted acclaim under the pseudonym of SKULLBOY – a creative alter-ego with its origins in graphic design and street art. He has held a number of solo shows at galleries including the KZN Society of Arts (National Gallery) and Superchief in Brooklyn, New York. He has also participated in group exhibitions and art fairs in the USA, Germany and South Africa



May flowers grow in the bed of your sins


Silkscreen print

Numbered and signed by the artist.

76 x 56 cm


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