Janet Ranson lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa.

Janet Ranson is a painter and nature artist who finds inspiration all around her. She works from and in the natural environment, walking, sketching, creating temporary land art installations and collaborations - and using all these to inform her energetic paintings. 

 Bold gestures suggest growth, movement and the flickering light of a windswept mountainside, with succeeding natural phases revealed in washes and layers of paint.

Ranson trained in workshops in South Africa (Thupelo, Multimidiations) and abroad (Thapong, Ngong and Art’s Up, Tate St Ives) and believes art is for sharing. She sees it as a method of making sense of the world, and for celebration. She has participated in and run many workshops, been selected for residencies in Bulgaria, Turkey, Taiwan and South Korea, and exhibits regularly.

She is a founding member of Cape Land Art (see Facebook page) and works with Site-Specific artists on large scale land art. She is currently collaborating on rural installations and community murals.


Skitterland. Mixed media on canvas. 50cm x 40cm.

To feature in our upcoming Online Charity Auction.

Janet Ranson: Empresses. Mixed media on wood. 12cm x 13cm. R1075

Janet Ranson: Grow. Mixed media on wood. 14.5cm x 15cm.  R1075

Janet Ranson: Present. Mixed media on wood. 22cm x 20cm.  R1290

Janet Ranson: Susanna I. Mixed media on board. 29cm Diameter.  R1920

Janet Ranson: Susanna II. Mixed media on board. 29cm diameter. R1920

Hills beyond hills. Mixed media on canvas. 51cm x 40.5cm.  R3010

Janet Ranson:Ghosts. Resin collages. 36cm x 28cm.  R2365

Venice of the South. Mixed media on canvas. 123cm x 46cm.  R6450

Fyn. Mixed media on board. 44cm x 61 cm. R1950

Afternoon. Mixed media on board. 30 cm x 43.5 cm. R1285

Not the only one Mixed media on canvas. 76 cm x 60 cm. R6450

Compacta 1. Mixed media on canvas. 61 cm x 44 cm. R2150

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