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ISAAC SITHOLE  (1974-2012)

Soccer in Africa 1.jpg

Sithole was born in 1974 in Maputo, Mozambique. Being raised in a family with no artistic background he had to outsource to other active artists within his hometown. At the age of 12 he was observing and learning the medium of woodcarving from artists in Maputo. Moving to South Africa at a young age he mainly placed focus on carving wooden sculptures and came across the techniques of woodcut and lino printmaking. Sithole had no formal training and started producing art with the knowledge he gained by watching other artists that sometimes provided a guiding hand.


Isaac said it was his experience as a sculptor which advanced his affinity and love of working and experimenting with woodblock printing.  In approximately 1998, Isaac started exploring the technique of colour reduction woodcut techniques, which entails cutting away at the woodblock each time a new colour is printed. 


Sithole's work is filled with glowing and vibrant colour combinations that contribute towards the message of depicting daily scenes and cultural activities within villages in South Africa and Mozambique. Being sensitive to the cultural and historical events of Maputo, this is a deep subject matter found in some of his earlier works together with the resonance of his past life. Other themes he explored, later on, included decorative landscape scenes depicting the African fauna and flora in his unique and identified abstract style.


I am inspired by the beauty in the ordinary, to transform the spirit of the living into art.

                AVAILABLE PRINTS

please email to enquire regarding the availability of these prints. 


Isaac Sithole . African cars. Woodcut 1/10. 57 x 77cm



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