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Ilse has developed a jewelry range over the past 20 years that is based on quality design, precious metals, precious and semi-precious stones, and workmanship, entirely indigenous to South Africa and manufactured here. 

Her work is designed to enhance, never grow old, never date, mature with time, and grow in value. 


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Silver and 9 ct Gold rings R1205 Each

Silver and Gold Ethnic earings R800

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Silver and Wood Rings R355 each

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Wooden Rings R220 each

Wooden Rings R220 each

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Silver Modern Ring R 885

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Silver, Emerald and Ruby Brooch R850


Silver and Pearl ring R885

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Silver and Pearl stud earrings R620

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Silver and Baltic amber necklace R1150

Silver and Gold Slat Earings R530

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Silver and Lapiz earings R620

Silver and 9 ct gold R1205 SOLD

Nelson Banderson.

Recycled Tractor Tyre string bunny


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Silver and 9 ct Gold ring R975 SOLD

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