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Cape Town based artist Helen originally trained as a textile designer, so pattern, rhythm, texture and it’s relationship with colour is embodied in her work.  Sgraffiato or scratched and etched mark is Helen’s signature which forms a red thread running through her craft.

After she completed her B. Tech in surface design at the Cape University of Technology in 1988, she spent the subsequent eleven years in the formal commercial sector of fashion and homeware design. In 1999 she undertook a short course in ceramics. Essentially a self-taught artist, she now moves seamlessly between clay work, painting and printmaking. Her ceramics have earned her a loyal following and are housed in numerous international collections.

Ceramics are either handbuilt or manipulated slipcast earthenware.  Tall candleholders which hold a t-lite form the backbone of her studio. Sculptural vessels , bowls, platters are an integral part of an ever experimenting and innovating range which supplies an international market.  Her colour palette of red, aloe green, bronze patina, and pewter which plays with the unglazed whites of raw clay has an appeal which resonates with the most contemporary settings while still retaining an earthy handcrafted aesthetic.


If the world fell away.jpg

 If the World Fell away. 

Oil on aluminium with copper leaf. 

100cm x 100cm.

R32 250.


Karoo Landscape. Ceramic plate ( Large ) 41 x 41cms R3780

(Left)     White stoneware vase. 20cms x 10.3cms. R905. 

(Right)  White orb vase (small) . 14cms x10.3 cms.  R745 (sold) 

Tall ceramic tea-light holders. 58cms x15cms, 54cms x10cms.

R1935 each.

Powder blue stoneware vase.  20cms x 11cms x10.5cms  R905. 

Black stoneware vase.  H.21cms x 10.3cms. R860. 


Black stoneware vase (plain) .  H. 19cms x 18cms 9cms. R820

Large White Orb vase with handles - 23 x 19 x 14cms. R1185


Grey and charcoal stoneware vase with handles. H 21 x 18cms x 9cms. R905

Grey and charcoal stoneware ink pots. H 11cms  x 9cms x 9cms. R755 each.

Impressions of the Karoo. Ceramic vessel, black and bronze lustre. Height 50.5cm. R19 350