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Kentrotas Goblin 1..jpg
HK untitled 3 edit 1.jpg
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Cape Town-based steelwork artist, Harry Kentrotas sculpts his work by welding found items together. He often forges 3-dimensional shapes by hammering steel into 2-dimensional ones. These sculptures often have a sense of humour, are sometimes playful and often incorporate symbols and archetypal imagery incorporating a wide range of themes from the ancient worlds to the patriarchal and sacrificial bull.

Upon viewing these works, one has a sense that he creates as the imagery appears to him in real-time. A reflection of an inner experience.



Pray for Rain 2. steel sculpture. 72cm x 58cm R7875

HK untitled 3 edit 1.jpg

Untitled I . Steel sculpture. 65 x 24cms. R7875


Untitled II. Steel sculpture. 50 x 53cms. R7875

Kentrotas Goblin 1..jpg

Untitled IV. Winged Figure.  Hammered Steel sculpture. 64 x 33cms. R6300

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