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Amulet was founded in 1990 when Gerika Langenhoven walked into a new studio on Parliament Street in Cape Town armed with a vision and a Fine Arts degree, specializing in jewellery design, from Stellenbosch University.

Along with Elizabeth van der Merwe, Gerika set out crafting commissioned pieces of jewellery and hand-smithed silverware. They contributed to various well-received gallery exhibitions throughout the 1990s.

In 1993 Gerika received a high merit award in the prestigious De Beers Diamond Today Competition.

Unique pieces and custom mini-ranges are inspired by the organic form and beauty of nature and are created using various precious and semiprecious metals, stones, pearls, plastic and resin.

Today Gerika creates her sought-after pieces from a new studio in Hout Bay.



Gerika 17.jpeg

Earrings: silver , smokey quartz, resin . R3275

Gerika 4.jpeg

Earrings: silver , green onyx, green agate. R2800

Gerika 3.jpeg

Earrings: silver , resin . R900

Gerika 6.jpeg

Earrrings: silver green onyx chalcedony. R2800

Gerika 5.jpeg

Earrings: silver , resin . R900

Gerika 20.jpeg

Earrings: silver, garnets. R2300

Ring - silver onyx . R4100

Gerika 11.jpeg

Ring: Silver 9ct yellow gold rutile quartz. R5130

WhatsApp Image 20M.jpeg

Ring: silver, lapis lazuli. R4600

WhatsApp Image 2023-04-29 at 3.34..jpeg

Ring: silver, smoky quartz . R2635

Gerika 10.jpeg

Ring: silver, pink opal (3.25ct). R3100

WhatsApp Image 2023-04-29 at 3.34.21 PM (11).jpeg

Necklace: silver, red thread. R1150

WhatsApp Image 2023-04-29 at 3.34.21 PM (8).jpeg

Necklace: silver, red thread. SOLD

Gerika 21.jpeg

Necklace: silver , fresh water pearls . R3450

Gerika 18.jpeg

Brooch: silver fish. R1980

Gerika 19.jpeg

Pendant: silver , grey moonstone , veryl, orange moonstone . R4335

Gerika 9.jpeg

Pendant:  silver resin (fish). R3720   SOLD

Gerika 7.jpeg

Pendant: Silver, Natural pearl. R3900

Gerika 15.jpeg

Pendant : silver rutile quartz (8.99 ct). R3020

Gerika 16.jpeg

Pendant : silver , smokey quartz, resin. R1510

Gerika 14.jpeg

Pendant : silver pink shell. R1950

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