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Georgina Berens (b.1992) is a printmaker and artist living and working in Cape Town. She completed a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art at Michaelis School of Fine Art, the University of Cape Town in 2016 and received the Matthew Somers Memorial Prize in 2014. Internships: Smith Studio, Warren Editions and most recently The Artists’ Press. In 2017 she completed a residency at the Ratamo Printmaking and Photography Centre in Jyväskylä, Finland.

Berens’ lines are sometimes painstakingly precise, sometimes playful. They are tamed into careful representation and then run wild in gentle swirling abstraction. Like a murmuration of birds, the lines meet and move as one – then scatter and swoop. The subject matter is as elusive and emotional as a Rorschach test. The work reflects upon that moment of interpretive magic while one's eyes adjust to the light or when just on the brink of wakefulness.

Exhibitions / Awards / Residencies: 2018 – Solo exhibition at Voorkamer Gallery, Chandler House, Cape Town; Turbine Art Fair Johannesburg, Salon 91; Artist Press Collaboration with Mark Attwood, Mpumalanga; Endless at Salon91. 2017 – Fine Art Print Fair, Johannesburg; ‘Field’ and ‘Trees Make Forests’ at Salon 91 Gallery, Cape Town. Artist-in-residence at the Ratamo Printmaking and Photography Centre, Jyväskylä, Finland.

Internship at Smith Gallery, Cape Town. 2016 – Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art at Michaelis School of Fine Art, University of Cape Town. 2014 –awarded the Matthew Somers Memorial Prize.


 Lithography is a method of printing based on the principle that oil and water do not mix. Printing is done from a stone (lithographic limestone) or a metal plate with a grained surface; using oil-based inks. The artist works on a separate stone or plate for each colour. A hand-printed lithograph print is an original work of art and is an image that does not exist in any other form.



Midnight, 2018. Hand-coloured stone lithograph on Fabriano. Edition of 3. 305 x 235mm.
Unframed: R2120


Down the Line. 2017. Medium: Single colour lithograph 
Paper size: 41.5 x 40 cm 
Image size: 23.8 x 22.5 cm 
Edition size: 20
Unframed: R4165

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Safehold. Stone lithograph with CHINE COLLÉ, Edition OF 9, 28 X 35CM
Unframed: R2300

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Ship. Stone lithograph, Edition  of 13, 31  X 23CM
Unframed: R2830

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Cairne. 2018. Stone lithograph on Munken. Edition of 4. 305 x 235mm.
Unframed: R1415

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