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Clive van den Berg :
Cyber Erotics
Two-colour lithograph on archival cotton rag paper
66 x 52 cm
Edition of 60

R 4 705


Clive van den Berg is an artist, curator, and designer, who has exhibited extensively in South Africa and on group exhibitions abroad. He is well known for his large public sculptures in and around Johannesburg, and exceptional curatorship projects at Constitution Hill and in association with the Nelson Mandela Foundation. Clive’s major projects as a designer are Freedom Park, the Northern Cape Legislature buildings, the museums at Constitution Hill, and several major Mandela Foundation exhibitions.


Clive generously spent some time at UCTs Michaelis School of Fine Art in Cape Town completing this drawing, direct to the ball-ground lithographic plate using a combination of touche and toner washes. The plates were processed and printed by Andrea Steer and Associate Professor Stephen Inggs on Michaelis’ off-set press. The prints are signed and titled at the bottom of the image.

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