Anna Painter has been producing art since qualifying in Fine Art as well as Ceramic Design in 1993 at The Wits Technikon.

After working as a ceramicist for several years, Anna unexpectedly became involved in the film industry, where she has been making international commercials for over twenty years, dividing her time between film and fine art. Anna has also produced a lot of work specifically for the challenging and varied world of the film industry, from props fabrication to painting.

Anna’s paintings are in private collections in South Africa, the USA and the UK.


"Working in oil as chosen medium I love to witness the slow emergence of a composition from simply applying the first layer and allowing the work to develop organically, without the use of any references.

With a deep love of nature and wide-open spaces, and a fascination with cloud formations, I enjoy the semi abstract result achieved by blending colours to produce many shades of white and a depth of field. I love the softness and subtlety achievable through the malleability of oil paint. The work is emotive, the aim being to convey a sense of calm to the viewer.  

Dates are given as titles to the work, as each day is a unique gift, to be appreciated and spent wisely".

MAY 6 jpeg.jpg

Anna Painter

'May 6'

Oil with copper leaf on canvas.

105 X 125cms

R29 500