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Ali is an artist, model and creative currently based in London. She was born in Cape Town where she originally trained and worked as a Graphic Designer in advertising before being drawn to painting when her children were young.


She paints mainly abstract and semi-abstract works in mixed media, always influenced by the nuances of being part of the human experience that encompasses anything from thoughts and memories to film and fashion, or whatever is in her field of vision or state of mind at the time.


 She enjoys the physical action of mark-making and in terms of her own creative practice, she feels there is no absolute. In this way, the artwork is open to interpretation and the viewer is a part of the creative process as well.

Numerous paintings of hers have been made into large scale mosaics by Spier Arts Academy some of which have been exhibited at the Cape Town International Art Fair.

Her work has sold internationally to collectors, interior and fashion designers as well as being reproduced as greeting cards, large scale mosaics and contemporary jewellery design pieces.


She has been acknowledged for her work by having been awarded the Moyra Broom Trophy for best Oil painting as well as being a finalist in the SA Taxi Art Awards.


She believes that art can influence our well being and that it is important that people fill their homes with items that make them happy.


Into the Wild by Alison Riordan.jpg

Untitled -  Mixed media. 79 x 60cms . R16 200 SOLD

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