Protection shield from Cameroon. Wood, glass beads and cowrie shells. R4500. This artist had a vision!

Wolf mask from Nigeria. R12 000

Fang Gil Mask from Gabon. R8 000

Makishi Mask from Zambia. R9 800

Senge Baboon Mask from the Ivory coast. R3 500


Salampusa mask from DRC. Price on Request

Lobi Pot from Burkino Faso. R6500. Lobi/Mossi pot is a terracotta pot that were originally used as sacred water and beer vessels both in temples and homes. A rare find from Burkina Faso, from the Lobi tribe. These pots are among the rarest and most prized in African pottery.

Ethiopian coffee table. Cowrie shell bowl from Nigeria by the Hausa tribe R920

Ivory Coast Sculpture R1495


Wooden Stool used by Binga women. R1935


Wooden headrest with female figure. R2580

Chevron stool by the Binga Tribe. R3225

Old Wooden Stool by the Binga tribe of Zimbabwe. R3870

Tyre Rhino by Nelson Banderson

Tyre Elephant by Nelson Banderson

Tyre Basket by Nelson Banderson

Keiskamma Felt Aloe

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