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Artvark is a classic & contemporary gallery with a focused eye on folk art and exclusive steelworks. Itís been a favourite of the local and international art lovers visiting the historical Kalk Bay.

Our contributions are set to place focus on the development, investment and management of creative and artistic resources for the benefit of the whole community and its visitors.

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Artvark showcase the art and culture of a diversified South Africa to promote visual literacy and creativity. One can explore, discover and personally enjoy the works featured.

Wendy Rosselli

Untitled (78)

Artist Wendy Rosselli
 Emmanuel Mukwiro

Printmaker Emmanuel Mukwiro 03

Artist Emmanuel Mukwiro

Artist None
Matthew Cargil

Kalk Bay

Artist Matthew Cargil
Wendy Rosselli

Untitled (77)

Artist Wendy Rosselli

Head mask

Artist None
Thelmi Bekker

Untitled (4)

Artist Thelmi Bekker
Matthew C

Morning Ride

Artist Matthew C
Dumisani Mabaso

Heroes Day 3/20

Artist Dumisani Mabaso
Mimi van der Merwe

Talking it Over 4/50

Artist Mimi van der Merwe

Artist None
 Theresa Jo

Printmaker Theresa Jo 08

Artist Theresa Jo
Isaac Sithole

Soccer in Africa 3/10 (male)

Artist Isaac Sithole

Untitled (22)

Artist Nicky
Mimi van der Merwe

Problem 1/30

Artist Mimi van der Merwe