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Artvark is a classic & contemporary gallery with a focused eye on folk art and exclusive steelworks. Itís been a favourite of the local and international art lovers visiting the historical Kalk Bay.

Our contributions are set to place focus on the development, investment and management of creative and artistic resources for the benefit of the whole community and its visitors.

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Artvark showcase the art and culture of a diversified South Africa to promote visual literacy and creativity. One can explore, discover and personally enjoy the works featured.

Wendy Rosselli

Untitled (78)

Artist Wendy Rosselli
Di Johnson Ack

Squirrel 34/75

Artist Di Johnson Ack
Theresa Jo


Artist Theresa Jo
CP Wessels

Trees Merging

Artist CP Wessels
Charles Urwin

Red Socrates

Artist Charles Urwin
Theo Paul Vorster

Despondant 1/25

Artist Theo Paul Vorster
Sam Nhlengethwa

Performance I 18/20

Artist Sam Nhlengethwa
Anna Marie

Untitled (4)

Artist Anna Marie
CP Wessels

Aloe positive

Artist CP Wessels
 Theresa Jo

Printmaker Theresa Jo 08

Artist Theresa Jo
Joshua Miles

Drie voels op skuit 2/10

Artist Joshua Miles


Artist Luciano
 Emmanuel Mukwiro

Printmaker Emmanuel Mukwiro 07

Artist Emmanuel Mukwiro
Matthew C


Artist Matthew C
CP Wessels

Roses (set)

Artist CP Wessels