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Yvonne Rüegg

Yvonne Rüegg is an accomplished Swiss artist who has exhibited her paintings in many countries and in book form.
She is owner and director of AIR VILLEKULLA. AIR VILLEKULLA is a new Artist in Residency guesthouse situated in Kommetjie, the delightful and relaxing fishing village. She is also the president of the AIR VILLEKULLA association, which belongs to the Swiss association Artist in Residency.


Exhibitions (Selection):
2013 Lovell Gallery, Cape Town
         Gallery “Kleiner Prinz” Baden-Baden
         Art Beijing, China


2012 LDX Artodrome, Berlin
         Gemeinschaftsausstellung Art Gallery le LoggeAssisi, Italien
         Gemeinschaftsausstellung KSI Bad Honnef, Köln, Deutschland
         Einzelausstellung Nachtgalerie Zürich

2011 Neujahrsausstellung, Kunsträume Oxyd
         Villa Sträuli, Winterhur, Schweiz

2008 Kunst in der Kirche, Embrach

2004 Expo Basel


Click here for more information about Yvonne's art.

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