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Yasmine Yacoubi’s 25-year painting journey has been across 4 continents, marked by varying developmental stages and using a diversity of techniques. That journey has now culminated in a focus on the vitality and the forces of nature. Her surrounds and their continuous transformations are her main sources of both fascination and inspiration. What guides her has always been what she sees, hears and touches around her.

Yasmine Yacoubi grew up between Dresden (Germany) and Casablanca (Morocco), which gave her a wonderful opportunity to explore all kinds of diversities.

Living in many places including France (where she studied Psychology), Australia, Chile and presently South Africa expanded her sensitivity and connection to the world. She has been painting since 1997 and continuously enhances her painting techniques, attending various international workshops including most recently the “Ecole National des Beaux-Arts” in Paris.
Yasmine finds her inspiration in her daily life, emotions being her main focus in her work: turning an overwhelming sight of blossoming prune trees into an abstract painting, and any scene that touches her could result in modern or abstract portrayal.

Living in Cape Town offers her the extraordinary opportunity to explore the beauty and complexity of nature.


Yasmine Yacoubi

Splash Out

Acrylic on canvas

90 x 90cm

R18 000


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