Artist statement:

"I think the term Art Brut applies to me - I have not had any formal art education, and my inspiration comes largely from being in a studio and gallery environment where I spend most of my time with artists - in particular my mentor, who himself used to be mentored by another artist. During the period of 2012 to 2015 I was inspired by ancient history as well as cave paintings. The symbols used in the crude language of that time are fascinating and it is quite rewarding to emulate the feeling of primal beings or symbols with modern supplies"


"My enthusiasm for a certain kind of art often leads me to experiment with one theme at a time. Wild splashes of colour and bold but simplistic works".

“My mother was an artist and my interest in art was fostered by the David Tunick Art Gallery in New York (where I stayed as an au pair for a year). I frequented MOMA, Guggenheim and the Metropolitan Museums and upon my return to SA I worked on the website of the contemporary art gallery called  "Red Black and White", owned by Jo-Marie and Pier Rabe) which exposed me to the art world locally. I have only recently started to create artworks, and I am inspired by Ancient Anthropology and natural…”

Therese received mentorship under Hennie Niemann.



Therese Rink

Still life.

Oil on board.


 66.5cm x 50.5cm.