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Sue Pam-Grant has recently relocated her practice to Cape Town after living and working in Johannesburg for 34 years. She works from ‘The Kitchen Studio’ in Muizenberg and is currently living in Kalk Bay.


Sue Pam-Grant was awarded her Masters degree in Fine Art (MAFA from WITS) with Distinction in December 2021. Her MAFA by research titled “She Lines; The Duel/Duet of Eros and Thanatos in the Act of Drawing Desire as an expanded Drawing Practice. A Poetics of Conversations in Constellations/Constellations in Conversations’, formulated and expanded her comprehensive performative drawing practice and consolidated her position as a mature transdisciplinary artist in the Contemporary Art field. She continues to push and explode the power and fragility of the ‘She Line’ (the feminine line) in her explorative and performative practice of Drawing Beyond the Line …


Her practice crosses the visual arts, performance, and theatre and film making practices. Her transdisciplinary practice has been as a theatre and art maker – she also is a published playwright, theatre director, designer and performance artist.  She activates the space that interconnects ‘The White Cube’ and ‘The Black Box’.  

Her interrelational performative practice uses autobiography in her self-narrative   interrogative practice. She examines the precarious point at which human fragility and resilience meet connect and erupt. Her mining methodology of unpacking, mapping and tracking the self, as an ongoing case study, has become her signature mark as a unique interrelational performance artist in the contemporary transdisciplinary space.

Her professional career spans over the past 38 years. Her archive of works exist in the form of numerous plays, performances, public installations, assemblages, solo exhibits of visual works, drawings, etchings, paintings, artist’s books, video, film, online publications, and immersive installations.

Her works have been highly acclaimed and have had international recognition.

Artist Statement

Sitting inside the unprecedented - what does this look like? The space that exists inside of Transience – what does this feel like?  Trying to capture that which is un-capturable?  How do I hold both the fragile and the tenacious without losing the other?  Allowing the gain of loss to flow and wash over in the act of letting go…. These are the questions I am asking – questions that inform both the materiality and themes that swim around inside of me – tropes that have been brought under the spotlight in these ‘All of The Gone’ times.  

I am reimagining the ‘drawn line’ as it traverses across disciplines and spaces, beyond the recognized traditional and conventional stroke, brush, pencil on paper or canvas. Through my praxis and practice of mapping, tracking and the unpacking of ‘line-making’, new She Lines are formed 

I pay attention to what we might step over, to what we might throw out, to what we deem to be of no use – these are the multiple layers that become the materiality of my process-as-practice - a celebration of  ‘the imperfect’ as intuitive topographies that map out our perforated narratives – delicate skins that are tenacious as …

Sue Pam- Grant 2022

Selected Solo Exhibitions




Numerous key galleries and museums such as SMAC Art Gallery, Stellenbosch have featured Sue Pam-Grant's work in the past.Sue Pam-Grant's work has been offered at auction multiple times, with realized prices ranging from $43 USD to $344 USD, depending on the size and medium of the artwork. Since 2020 the record price for this artist at auction is $344 USD for When the Fog Horn Blows sold at Strauss & Co., Cape Town in 2020

To read an interview with Sue in her studio , click here.

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Sue Pam Grant.

The Red She Line.

Mixed Media on board.

100 x 76cms.


R14 280.


Blouse .jpg

Sue Pam Grant.

Portrait Blouse

Mixed Media on board.

35 x 44cms.


R5 395


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