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Robin was schooled at the Johannesburg School of Art from 1966-1969. 

His tutors were George Boys and Joyce Leonard amongst others.

After graduating with a diploma in graphic design and painting,


Robin worked in advertising as an art director, working with photographers and illustrators. BBDO, JWT, Saatchi and Saatchi and Lintas being ports of call.

From Jozie, to Cape Town, to Durban and back to Cape Town, it was a time of creative frenetic energy unlimited.


After 22 years he ‘went freelance,’ working as a roving photographer, writer and designer. Magazine work on assignment from Sri Lanka to Ethiopia.

Latterly, Robin has taken up painting, going back to his art roots.

"Art is a tough world to crack. For those starting out, more so.

An artist embodies struggle, Picasso, Modigliani, Gauguin, Van Gogh, and the abstract exponent clique in America, none more so than Jackson Pollock, are classic symbols of this.

The smartphone and the internet has changed all that.

But painting seems to have a magnetic pull that modern gadgets just cannot equal. It becomes love at first sight.

And that struggle is not just about ‘doing.’ It is also about an individual stamp, where the adage ‘to each his own’ applies, where the battle of the brush and paint application is won.

So I have sweated a little, sworn at canvases, hurled a few curses, dropped a few clangors, broken a few rules, in pursuit of my dream.

To be an artist Some will say, is a dream come true.

I hope my paintings reflect that."

Robin, sadly, passed away in July 2022. 



Shebeen. Oils on paper. R5000

No longer available. 

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