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Robin Emsley, based in Cape Town,  is a Professor in Psychiatry, an author, and an aspirant fisherman. He hails from a family of artists. His sculpture and writing are guided by his experience as a psychiatrist and neuroscientist. His areas of research focus on awareness, perception, and the social bran.

He holds the Sarah Turoff Endowed Chair in Schizophrenia Research.  

Project Snoek  - A sculpture and a book. 

'Ali's Snoek' wood and stainless steel sculptures.

Robin Emsley conceptualized the sculpture, and Ali Sitsholwana shaped, fitted, and assembled each piece. These limited edition sculptures combine craftsmanship and technology in an attempt to capture the soul of the snoek, the eyes especially lifelike and striking, invite pause and introspection. The wooden body, stainless steel head, and fins are machined by CNC routers and laser cut. There are 22 numbered editions, each individually unique.

The book - "Snoek on the Couch'

'Snoek on the Couch' is about a fish - the snoek, about the people of the West Coast of South Africa, but also a philosophical investigation, combining science and fantasy,  into a story about language, survival, and mental health. 



'Ali's Snoek' wood and stainless steel sculpture. 1107cm  x 12cms. R6450


 Each sculpture is a numbered and signed limited edition piece.  



Snoek Sculpture.jpeg

'Snoek on the Couch' by Prof. Robin Emsley - R450

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