As the artist, I have tried to concentrate on moments in time and the best way to sum this up is through a reference associated with the infamous sculptor Auguste Rodin:



Richard was born in Humansdorp, a small town outside Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa.

He developed a keen interest in wildlife from an early age. 

His studies in the field of Horticulture led to close proximity to plants and the beauty they hold, and he was entrusted with the management of large estates. Over the last 12 years, Richard has been privileged to be part of a project to create an estate garden as part of a historical National Monument Manor in the Cape to rival other well-known places. 

Through design, Richard tries to emulate nature and to re-create – although never to improve upon it as he does not believe that nature can be improved as nature is perfect. 

He immortalizes in bronze – "The spirit and emotion within the subject –a reflection of love, caring and character –

are vital to the success of the piece."

Richard does not work from two-dimensional drawings. He commences an artwork via first conceptualizing, visualizing  and then transforms it into the clay.  ("My approach as an artist is to take many pictures of a subject, borrow aspects from those pictures, and form an image in my mind – this I then translate into the clay. ") His biggest endeavour is to capture the subject’s soul; an emotional moment each time. 

"The old masters like Bernini, Botticelli and Michelangelo are admired not only for their enormous creativity but also for the remarkable oeuvre they left behind. With vision, a chisel and a hammer they created out of stone – no mistakes possible! Whereas with clay one always has the possibility to go back and repair. My visits through Europe – and seeing those sculptures with my own eyes – led to a greater yearning to learn to become a sculptor myself. On other journeys, I admired sculptures in ancient Cambodian ruins, remote Tibetan villages, modern-day public spaces and places of worship. Each captured a moment in time of a particular interest and opened up a world of possibilities to me. My need to be one with nature led me on hikes in the Himalayas, a trip to Everest Base camp. I followed the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and watched the sun come up through the sun gate. I walked through ancient Kathmandu. I marveled at the lost magnificence of the Rajahs in India, the mysticism of ancient Egypt and the allure of Petra in Jordan. And the timeless pace in the Arctic where bones have had their earthen graves for thousands of years but appear to have recently turned from life to eternal rest. A more beautiful place there cannot be – yet, there is so much more . . .

Animals were always part of these encounters; I met many of them along the way. There were many memorable moments and subjects that needed to be immortalized – if only to be remembered."



Companionship. Edition: 30 / Bronze/Crystal Glass. Dimensions: 150mm L x 100mm W x 250mm H
Weight: +- 2kg

R28 350 

Paradise Flycatcher. Edition: 25 / Bronze/Lava Stone. Dimensions: 240mm L x 110mm W x 380mm H Weight: +- 7kg. 
R25 725

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