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Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. Inspired by nature, the journey of the soul and the contrasting blend of mixed media compositions. Natalie has developed an enduring and distinct body of work.

She is inspired by formalist muted colours, in an uneven, although defined balance –  which allows her work to convey emotions, express identity, and capture light.


A soulful expression of creativity, rarely captured in contemporary works of art. A meticulous blend of contrasts, classic and contemporary media are chosen in order to convey a wide range of feelings – from foreboding and despair to hope and rapture. 



Natalie has been highly influenced by “formalist” and naive tendencies in art, whilst developing her unique blend of texture and natural pigments.


An accomplished international artist, she spent a large portion of her career residing in the United Arab Emirates. She continues to exhibit in Dubai and has established a visible local presence in Cape Town galleries and prestigious commissioned projects.


In 2005 she won the prestigious “Sheikha Manal’s Young Artist Award: New Signatures”, the prize-winning artwork was exhibited by Christie’s, at the opening of their first Middle-Eastern auction.


Natalie’s work appears in several international, private and corporate collections of exclusive patrons, including Dubai’s Royal Family.


2020-11-26 16.18.04.jpg

Birdie. Mixed media on board. 1.2m x 1.2m. R21 500 (sold)

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