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Ludwich was born in Middelburg South Africa in 1986.

He is mostly self-taught but had some formal art instruction at the Spies Venter arts academy in 2011.

“I work in reverse glass. I became very interested in the medium for its contradiction: the natural and real almost "pressed" behind the cold hard surface of the glass. Oils are reserved for the more fun abstract compositions I enjoy doing I don't do detail here I allow myself the freedom of line form and shadow. I Enjoy using Psychological Social situations and Symbolism in my work. A painting might seem cheerful at first glance but have a very macabre undertone or vice versa at closer inspection. Artists I admire include Gauguin for his use of colour Picasso for his absolute dedication. Frida Kahlo, Andy Warhol and David HockneyI'm an artist because I was born to be one and from the day I started learning about the world my imagination has run wild with me. I spent a lot of time playing in my mother’s ceramic studio and always enjoyed the creative process immensely. From wet clay to a glazed beautiful object that can no longer be altered. I often spent many nights painting until late and nothing is cooler than opening one’s eyes and looking at what one had painted the night before. So, in a nutshell, I'm an artist because I love it and I couldn't really imagine myself doing anything else. “


-Solo show at Olive Green Cat jewellery studio in 2012

-Salon 91 group show "Home is where I am with you". 2012

-Irma Stern UCT Gallery group show
"In good company" under the curator-ship of Michael Chandler 2013

- Salon 91"Golden haze" group show. 2014

-Solo "A Prelude" Voorkamer Gallery, Chandler House in 2014

-"Wet paint" Group show at Voorkamer Gallery, Chandler House. 2015  

-Solo "ARIA" Voorkamer Gallery, Chandler House. 2015

-solo "piano dolce" Voorkamer Gallery, Chandler house. 2017



Next Years Promise by Ludwich Olivier. Mixed media on glass. 53.5cm x 73.5cm  R10 000

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