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My art is my response to a world in which commodities and data articulate into nothing but noise, flat repetitions, eternal truths (at faster rates than human subjects) and the maintenance of a mimesis of what has gone before.

My art is also, of course, to see what happens, to experiment and research.  


I am inspired by contemporary philosophers, such as Rosi Braidotti, who look at how to think about difference positively and how to be more about change and increase our subjectivities. That becomes the starting point for a language to emerge between materials, ideas and processes.  The idea of language is inferred in this work by the ‘golden ear’, normally a label assigned to someone with acute hearing. It is not only the spoken word, but how we say it, the tone and body language which convey a truth. A whisper, a mumble, a shout, a common-sense drawl, an irritated rasp, a gentle therapeutic talk are all conveying difference. Real listening takes into account the complex layers of word, meaning, tone and gesture. This kind of listening implies a way to connect between liminal and visible worlds which immediately puts the noise, flat repetitions and eternal truths on the spot.

Intended as a dynamic assemblage of difference and points of intersection, I see my work, as ‘becoming’ ethical. In my attempt to draw on the complex and multi-functional a more therapeutic (and ethical) dialogue is instigated.

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