Julie Tugwell is a self-taught painter living in Knysna, South Africa. She is well-known for her extreme attention to detail when painting flowers.

Julie explains, “I believe I have to perfect a painted line and understand colour and tone before I can be more free and expressive. I can best explain my belief in technique in terms of how Picasso perfected line over a lifetime before he said he could manipulate a single line to speak for the whole. At times this striving for perfection can be laborious but I fill my studio with online talks of interest, audiobooks, and music… depending on my mood.”

Her intricate paintings can take up to four months to paint with 000 brushes but her more explorative pieces where she allows her subconscious to lead depict emotional moments within her and move more spontaneously.


Julie Tugwell. Lily "11". Oil on canvas. 455 x 355mm.  R9890

Julie Tugwell. Lily "14". Oil on canvas. 455 x 355. R9890

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