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I've travelled some, living in Malawi for three years and a couple years in South East Asia. I started selling work in between my travels, it just came naturally selling sketches and smaller paintings. In 2016 I left for Cambodia where I lived like a hippie on the beach and managed a beach bar. After my stint abroad I began creating large pieces and I've sold pieces throughout the globe 

Artist Statement.

We are healers, we fix what structures break down. Art elevates the mind of society,  and the system of structures we bind to.

I've studied the great artists in the last few centuries and a few styles really grabbed me, cubism, fauvism and impressionism stood out as it goes against the time consuming perfectionists that held art hostage for a very long time. Cy Twombly reinvigorated art and his abstract inspired a brilliant movement. Instead of painting realism to a point of migraine,  abstract was born to free the mind, to embolden creativity and unbridled colour.

We find perfection in abstract, perfect colour nuances matched with texture and scale to bring forth wonderment. As we grow in art we find the techniques to peer into that small window where art becomes tremendous and it becomes a statement that fills a room and sets a tone. As an artist I'm constantly seeking that edge, that ethereal beauty in creation to find validation and acceptance in our work, some walk into art without hesitation and find success while others meander outside the rules and define their work through tedious ups and downs.




Jeremy Rose

Woven Noir
Mixed Media on canvas.

106x 163 cm

R 39 600


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Decor idea.

Jeremy Rose

The Journey Between Two Points

Mixed Media on canvas

100 x 100cm

R15 500

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