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Artist's Statement


I am a visual artist, painting in acrylics and oil paint. I live in Hillcrest KZN and paint from my studio on the property. 

Since lockdown and the restrictions on daily life, I have found my focus has changed. The need for colour has become more important to me, I believe it has a powerful impact on my emotional well-being. The restrictions on "looking out" have been replaced by "looking up". I am inspired by the natural world, amazed by the constantly changing skies and changing seasons. 

I like to work abstractly. I use texture in my work and often sand down, scratch, and remove the paint layers to achieve the surface I want. Colour is mostly used in thin veils with many glazes. Painting is my refuge and delight!

Artist's CV here.

Jane Oliver  Running from the storm.  Oil on canvas  30 x 60 x 3 cms  2020 .jpg

Jane Oliver

Running from The Storm.

Oil on canvas.

35cm x 55cms


Jane Oliver  Winter sun.  Oil on canvas  30 x 30 x 5 cms   2021  (1).jpg

Jane Oliver.

Winter Sun

Oil on canvas.

35cm x 55cms



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