After finishing university, Guy was a graphic designer for two years in Johannesburg before working in the Timbivati as a ranger at Ngala Game lodge, Mpumalanga. He and his wife returned to Knysna in 1990. He was Oakhill School’s founder art teacher (1992 – 1997) Since then he has been involved in local conservation ventures and now finds more time to practice his art. Guy is married with two sons.



When asked about his new artworks Guy says: I’ve been researching and am now exploring via woodcuts and sculptures the extremely subtle borderland between the physical and non-physical worlds we seem to exist in, either through dreams, premonitions, intuition and other psychic phenomena”.  




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Artist Statement:


My work is essentially influenced by my passion, involvement and interest in living forms within the landscape, both from deep history and distant future. And how we as a global species live in, disturb, mark and use this space. We share this environment and interact with millions of other usually smaller animals and plants and they, in turn, adapt to us as we quickly become more disconnected from the land that originally forged us. We are now one of the most prolific and successful species ever, opening up a completely new human niche of mass communal urban living culminating in the large cities that we know today.
Living very temporarily on this earth I feel we as a species have traveled an incredible journey so far and have an even more stunning distant undreamed-of future, which fills me with hope and optimism for us as a continuing evolving animal – Homo Sapien sapiens.

The future influences the present just as much as the past. – Friedrich Nietzsche.

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